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Auroom Libera Glass Indoor Premium Designer Sauna

Uplifting harmony - Libera was born to give you the opportunity to design the space according to your desires by allowing you to choose between a wooden or glass front wall. Libera’s name showcases its nature: a place that lifts your spirit. Every detail in the sauna is made to create a feeling of ease and lightness.

Bathers have enjoyed the myriad of health benefits saunas have provided for thousands of years. Create your own wellness sanctuary and experience the sauna’s ability to alleviate stress, detoxify, improve circulation, alleviate pain and muscle aches, improve cognitive function, and reduce inflammation.

The Libera Glass Sauna reflects a place where elegance and freedom meet. The exterior glass wall features self-closing door hinges with left- and right-handed options when ordering, and perfectly merges into the interior upright vertical lines of the cabin. This harmoniously designed sauna can accommodate your specific sauna needs with an array of sizes and finishes to enhance your sauna experience. Libera is created in cooperation with the talented Italian architect Luca Donazzolo. Make sauna bathing a part of your wellness ritual!


  • Easy DIY cabin
  • Light and harmonious style
  • Front glass wall featuring 8mm tempered glass
  • Horizontal interior paneling STV valeura
  • Horizontal ceiling paneling STS4
  • Upper/Lower bench
  • Bench skirt
  • Backrest
  • Premium handle featuring Natural Oak wood-Premium metal
  • LED Strip behind the backrest
  • Stainless Steel self-closing hinges


  • Natural Alder Wood
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Water Repellant


  • Natural Aspen Wood
  • Smooth Texture
  • Beautiful light tone
  • Doesn’t get too hot
  • Doesn’t secrete resin
  • Doesn’t splinter


  • Natural Thermo-Aspen Wood
  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Resists Warping
  • Non-Toxic
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Thermo-Process removes moisture from the wood


Exterior Dimensions:

  • [48X71] 48"W (120cm) x 71"D (180cm) x 82.7"H (210cm)
  • [59X71] 59"W (150cm) x 71"D (180cm) x 82.7"H (210cm)
  • [59X79] 59"W (150cm) x 79"D (200cm) x 82.7"H (210cm)
  • [79X79] 79"W (200cm) x 79"D (200cm) x 82.7"H (210cm)
  • [79X99] 79"W (200cm) x 99"D (250cm) x 82.7"H (210cm)

Weight: ~1,102 lbs


  • Backrest
  • Backrest supports
  • Upper bench grid
  • Upper bench frame
  • Bench assistance frames
  • Bench skirt
  • Lower bench grid
  • Lower bench frame
  • Front glass wall featuring 8mm tempered glass
  • Standard base frame
  • Ceiling elements
  • Floor grids
  • Vertical moldings
  • Horizontal moldings
  • Fastening screws
  • Molding nails
  • Lower bench supports (not available with the 79x79 cabin)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Installation Manual