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Airpura G600 DLX Odor-Free Air Purifier for Enhanced Chemical Abatement

Airpura G600 DLX German Carbon Air Purifier for MCS

The Airpura G600 DLX is a heavy-duty air filtration system that is precisely calibrated to maximize the adsorption of dangerous chemicals, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Identical to the Airpura G600 , the G600 DLX boasts an even larger German carbon filter that is completely odorless and highly-absorbent, making it perfect for individuals who are more sensitive to chemical fumes and smells.

Airpura G600 DLX German Carbon Air Purifier for MCS

Ideal for homes, workplaces, and other areas that require clean and healthy indoor air, the Airpura G600 DLX air purifier features an all-metal perforated housing that circulates air on all sides. This industrial-grade air filtration system has a dimension of 23" H x 15" W and sports a low-profile design that seamlessly blends in any room. Also, the G600 DLX air purifier is portable with four-wheel casters and comes in three attractive powder-coated finish.

Superior Odor Removal and Chemical Reduction

Integrated with a powerful fan motor, the Airpura G600 DLX generates an airflow of up to 560 CFM so clean air quickly moves through an entire 2,000 square feet room. This office air purifier is also equipped with variable fan speed controls to give you complete freedom over the airflow and filtration settings. The electrical parts of the Airpura G600 DLX are situated in a sealed chamber away from the airflow to promote safety and prevent off-gassing. The filter chamber is also pressure sealed with felt gaskets to avoid leakage of polluted air and boost the filtration performance of the air cleaner. The Airpura G600 DLX home air purifier offers an optimal three-stage purification with zero emissions.

Airpura G600 DLX German Carbon Air Purifier for MCS
  1. Poly Prefilter - Traps large particles such as dust, dust mites, and pet dander. The prefiltration process helps lengthen the lifespan of the main filter and makes the Airpura air purifier work more efficiently. Replaceable every 12 months, this filter can be vacuumed and used repeatedly.
  2. 26 lbs. German Activated Carbon Filter – Offers topnotch protection against heavy chemicals, noxious gases, and strong odors. Ideal for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), this three-inch deep German sourced carbon produces no smell and effectively removes VOCs from PVC, vinyl, carpets, ammonia from cleaning materials, pesticides, benzene, and toluene from heating fuels, paints, and glues. This filter should be changed every 2 years.
  3. HEPA Barrier – Captures 95% of the remaining airborne particles as small as 1 micron in diameter. This filter can last up to 12 months before needing a replacement.
Airpura G600 DLX German Carbon Air Purifier for MCS

Silent Air Filtration System

The Airpura G600 DLX features a backward-curved motorized impeller that does not vibrate and produce unwanted noise. Compared to typical air purifier motors, this air filtration system offers a silent performance at only 25 decibels on low and 61 decibels on the highest configuration. The quietness of the motor not only means the air purifier is working efficiently but also promotes a conducive environment for relaxation.

ETL-Certified Air Purifier

Considered as one of the best air purifiers for chemical abatement, the Airpura G600 DLX features robust construction and a state-of-the-art filtration system that provides relief against MCS, asthma, and other respiratory issues. It meets and exceeds ETL safety guidelines and offers an unbeatable warranty of 5 years on parts and 10 years on labor.


Replacement Parts and Filters

  • Pre-Filter (2-Pack) ($ 39.98)
  • 100% Cotton Pre-Filter (2-Pack) ($ 54.98)
  • Special Blend 3” Carbon Filter ($ 349.98)
  • HEPA Filter Metal Endcap ($ 179.98)



Coverage Area
Up to 2,000 sq. ft. (based on 8 ft. ceilings)
Airflow Speed Up to 560 CFM
Air Exchange per Hour 2
Dimensions 23" H x 15" W
Housing Powder coat steel - Black, Cream, White
Weight 45 lbs
Noise Level 25 - 61 dB(A)
Pre Filter Vacuumable Poly 2PK
Replace: 1 year
Carbon Filter

26 lbs. German Activated Carbon (3" deep)
Replace: 2 years

HEPA Barrier

95% of airborne particles ≥ 1 micron
Replace: 1 year

Fan Speed Variable
Casters Yes
Voltage 120 V
40 - 120 W
Ozone Emissions No
Certifications ETL, CSA, UL, ANSI
Warranty 5-year on parts & 10-year on labor