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HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater 6kW, 9kW, 10.5kW

HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater 3.5/6.0/9.0/10.5 kW

HUUM STEEL is a slim electric sauna heater with remarkably small safety distances, which makes it perfect for saunas with limited space. The organic and minimalist design of the CLIFF heater takes up very little space and makes a statement piece of your sauna.

Required: Control unit and sauna stones (10 boxes) sold separately

For controls, choose from HUUM UKU units (Local, Wi-Fi, or Glass). With a touch of dial and a range of sensors, you can easily control many aspects of your sauna experience, including temperature, steam, and lighting. Local comes in different colored plastic cases as well as a wood option made of thermo-treated ash. When you opt for UKU WiFi, you add in control of your sauna by a smartphone app, allowing you to control your sauna remotely. UKU Glass is elegant glass with integrated WiFi.


  • For sauna rooms from 123 to 600 cu. ft.
  • 331 pound stone capacity (required 10 boxes sold separately)
  • Slim design, ideal for saunas with limited space
  • Small safety distances
  • Floor Installation
  • More exposed stones creates a longer and milder heat
  • Direct contact between stones and heating elements
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel, industrial quality heating elements​
  • Works with UKU controls (sold separately)
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Estonia



  • Sauna heater
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 5-Year limited warranty (excluding elements)


The following options should be considered with your heater purchase:

  • HUUM UKU Sauna Controller (Required: multiple options incl Wi-Fi capable)
  • HUUM rounded olivine sauna stones (Requires 10 boxes sold seperately)
  • HUUM UKU Extension Box (Required for 10.5 kW)
  • HUUM Safety Railing (Optional: to protect you from contacting hot heater)
  • HUUM Embedding Flange (Optional: when installing partly inside the sauna bench)
  • HUUM Reflect (Optional: allows heater to be installed closer to the wall of the sauna)




  • Voltage/Phase: 240V/1PH
  • Dimensions: 10.6" Width x 38.4" Height
  • Heater Weight: ~35 lbs
  • Min/Max Temperature: 104 F / 230 F 

STEEL 3.5 kW:

  • Installation: Standing Wall Mount
  • Sauna room: 123-212 ft³ 
  • Depth:  6.3" 
  • Stone Capacity: 165 lbs 
  • Amps: 14.6 A


  • Installation: Free-Standing
  • Sauna room: 176-353 ft³
  • Depth:  10.6" 
  • Stone Capacity: 165 lbs 
  • Amps: 25 A


  • Installation: Free-Standing
  • Sauna room: 317-529 ft³
  • Depth:  10.6" 
  • Stone Capacity: 165 lbs
  • Amps: 37.5 A

STEEL 10.5 kW:

  • Installation: Free-Standing
  • Sauna room: 353-600 ft³
  • Depth:  10.6" 
  • Stone Capacity: 165 lbs
  • Amps: 43.75 A