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Comfort Blanket Insert

Our HEALiX Comfort is Silky Soft providing a much more Luxurious and Supple feel than the waterproof liner or alternative cotton options. We have carefully crafted it using a high-quality Bamboo and Organic Cotton blend that’s simply superior to stand alone cotton.


It pairs perfectly with the HEALiX Sauna Blanket, providing additional insulation and removing the need for light cotton clothing and socks so you can sauna with as little clothing as you want (or none at all).


We went out of our way to find higher quality materials to make this insert softer and more comfortable than the typical inserts competitors are selling. The 35% Organic Cotton and 65% Bamboo makes for a hypo-allergenic, durable, machine-washable that is quick to dry while increasing the insulation of your Sauna Blanket and helping to reach higher session temperatures.


The HEALiX Comfort is designed to fit comfortably inside your Infrared Sauna Blanket.