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Elina Pilates Classic Aluminium Cadillac Reformer

Elina Pilates Classic Aluminium Cadillac Reformer

Classic Cadillac made of compact, heavy-duty stainless aluminum. Durable leather upholstered bed filled with comfortable high-density EVA. Classic Cadillac made of compact, heavy-duty stainless aluminum. Durable leather upholstered bed filled with comfortable high density EVA.

Bringing together the versatility and height of a Cadillac Trapeze with the sensational power of a reformer, this Elina Pilates Cadillac reformer remains one of the most impressive combination machines on the market.

Features a powerful three-string resistance system color-coded for your convenience. This system is very clear to follow- Red represents heavy resistance, green represents medium resistance, and yellow represents light resistance. This extremely powerful yet simplistic system allows you to customize the challenge of your workout to your heart’s content, making this a highly accessible Elina Pilates Cadillac for all lovers of Pilates.

Exercising against the resistance of this Elina Pilates Cadillac reformer will tone and condition your arms, legs, back, core, and overall body with limited impact on your legs and spine. By fully embracing the Cadillac dimensions of this versatile combination machine, through upside-down moves including the inverted hanging pike and candlestick you can cultivate flexibility, and significantly strengthen your biceps, hips, and shoulders.

With its supportive bed-like structure, Elina Pilates has created a machine that is ideal for both intensive workouts and for supporting regular, low-impact exercise designed for relieving stress and improving mental well-being. Rendering this Elina Pilates Cadillac is a promising choice for all Pilates enthusiasts, no matter their age, fitness level, and expertise with the exercise.

This Elina Pilates Cadillac reformer also comes fitted with a padded headrest adjustable into three impressive positions, with two above carriage and one level with it, making this a highly supportive machine. In addition to this, the ropes of this Pilates Cadillac reformer for sale remain fully adjustable, so you can easily quicken your pace, increase or decrease resistance, or hold poses to challenge your endurance strength.

The stunning trapeze of this Elina Pilates Cadillac comes in anodized aluminum, and is adjustable to a soaring three heights, allowing users to elegantly and effortlessly stretch, hang, reach, and pose in total security and safety. This safety is reinforced by the safety straps for security added to its push-through bar, and the padding of its central trapeze bar to make gripping less strenuous.

This Pilates Cadillac reformer for sale even comes with a solid roll-down bar, complete with a pair of fuzzies, a pair of single loops, a two-piece stability sling, and two-foot straps, to make your exercise experience as customizable and engaging as possible.

In addition to this, the model boasts additions including a solid roll-down bar, a pair of fuzzies, and even a padded foot stopper, to allow you to start and stop according to your routine, limits, and needs. Your exercise on this reformer will be both dynamic and comfortable, with its fully padded seat, jump board, and stopper, designed to support your body as you experiment during exercise.

This machine highlights Elina Pilates’ quest to constantly re-envision and reinvent their equipment, as they contribute to the growing landscape of highly affordable and technologically advanced Pilates equipment.

Features and Specifications


  • Springs for the legs.
  • Springs for the arms.
  • Push bar.
  • Arm bar.
  • Upholstered bar support.
  • Fuzzie handles.
  • Upholstered trapeze bar.
  • Kuna board.
  • Galvanized steel tubes and accessories with safety chain included.


  • Length: 208.28 cm (219.07 cm with flanges )
  • Width: 64.77 cm
  • Height: 203.83 cm (Trapeze knobs add 4.45 cm )
  • Bed height: 62.86 cm

So what are you waiting for? Add the Elina Pilates Classic Aluminium Cadillac to your cart and take your Pilates workout to the next level!


The Pilates reformer is a piece of exercise equipment created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.

It was designed to support Pilates progression beyond mat work, heightening the strengthening, realignment stretching of the body.

An incredibly popular piece of exercise equipment, the Pilates reformer consists of a bed-like structure with a flat platform, fitted with pulleys, ropes, and a sliding carriage.

To use a Pilates reformer, you can both adapt Pilates mat exercises and engage in unique exercises specifically created for the reformer.

Pilates Reformer exercises take advantage of the unique features of the reformer. Often involving pushing, pulling, or holding the carriage steady through the use of limbs, pulleys, or ropes while holding a specific pose.

The Pilates reformer is extremely versatile and its exercises are typically low-impact, with most done lying, sitting, or standing. The best professional pilates reformer will offer additional features to further improve your exercise.

There is an incredible range of Pilates reformer exercises, both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Yes. The physical benefits of Pilates include an increase in muscle strength and tone, but without creating the bulk associated with conventional strength training.

After a sustained period of consistent exercise on a Pilates reformer, you can expect to see an increase in deep core muscle strength, which helps keep your abdominal muscles tight and toned.

Pilates is considered one of the major ‘head-to-toe’ exercises, meaning it promotes muscle growth throughout the entire body from your internal obliques to your gluteus maximus.

Yes. Combined with a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, exercises on the Pilates reformer can significantly contribute to a weight loss strategy through increasing your muscle tone and strengthening your body.

This not only helps you prepare for dynamic calorie-burning cardio workouts but also heightens your overall lean muscle tone so you will have a higher base metabolic rate.

Meaning, that even when stationary you will be burning significantly more calories thus creating the conditions to maximize weight loss.

Each piece of Pilates equipment presents its unique exercise opportunities and is best utilized through a Pilates workout that exploits its features.

Whilst other Pilates exercise machines exist, the three most popular and commercially sought are the reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda chair.

For the reformer, please refer to our answer on how to effectively use a Pilates reformer. The best professional Pilates reformers will be easy to use and accessible.

For the Cadillac, there are a lot of opportunities to develop upper body strength and core control through the use of the hanging trapeze and resistant pulleys.

For the Wunda chair, you want to embrace Pilates exercises focused on balance that take advantage of its chair-like structure and pedals.

There are a diversity of certified resources online which can help you get a sense of what piece of equipment will work best for you. We also recommend you visit YouTube, as it is full of fantastic demonstrations of Pilates exercises on a range of equipment.