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Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with Tower

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with Tower 

Officially the first stackable reformer on the market, this Elina Pilates wood reformer with tower takes the conventional reformer to a whole new level.

This Elina Pilates reformer is elevated by its advanced built-in tower anchoring system, which boosts the possibilities and potentialities of every workout. Stretch, balance, swing, and pose to your heart content on this innovative reformer for sale, which will increase your flexibility, concentration, core strength, and self-confidence.

With its tower, this becomes the best home Pilates reformer from Elina Pilates for exercise freedom. As the tower’s high-powered springs and resistance features are fully adjustable according to user height, weight, and strength. With this machine, you can target specific areas and muscles within your body, like the legs and arms, with significantly less stress on your joints and significantly more opportunity to activate your core. The tower is a valuable addition to this Elina reformer because it boosts your capacity to have a full-body strengthening workout, with an unparalleled capacity for vertical stretch.

This Pilates reformer for sale takes its status as one of our best Pilates reformer options due to how it features a phenomenal tower without sacrificing the powerful functionality of the classic reformer. This reformer features a spring bar with four fantastic positions, fitted with two-stage spring couplings which allow for subtle, moderate, and pronounced resistance changes. These springs come in two and are color-coded with red for high intensity, green for medium intensity, and yellow for low intensity to make switching up your exercise challenge as easy as possible.

On top of this, this elite wood reformer features adjustable four-position shoulder straps and pulley rods, which render the reformer with tower extremely adaptable and easy to use for every single user, no matter their height and unique proportions. Exercise in sophistication and style, on this stunning reformer, constructed out of ethically sourced Canadian rock maple wood, which is extremely easy to transport, clean, and assemble.

This reformer also features functionality designed for security and privacy, like its large foot bar which will stabilize every exercise enthusiast no matter their size. There are also the unique wheels of this reformer, which have been engineered with precision bearings to specifically provide smooth, silent gliding to keep your exercise as relaxing and private as possible. Making it the best home Pilates reformer for those using Pilates to rehabilitate and relax after stress and mental and physical exertion.

Features & Specifications


  • Top quality rock maple wood.
  • Smooth, quiet glide, special wheels and precision bearings.
  • Spring bar with 4 positions, with two-stage spring couplings for increase intensity.
  • Adjustable 4-position shoulder straps, easy to adapt to each user.
  • Perfect Stability Six springs with multiple levels of resistance.
    • 2 red springs of strong intensity.
    • 2 green springs of medium intensity.
    • 2 yellow springs of light intensity.
  • Pulley rods with quick change of height.
  • Large foot bar and perfect stability.
  • Quick change of Positions.
  • Strap by back support, adjustable longitudinally.
  • Padded front adjustable strap.
  • Built-in tower anchoring system.
  • Stackable, with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Includes Stopper
  • Includes padded seat where the jump board


  • Length: 100,39In | 255 cm
  • Width: 29,92 In | 76 cm
  • Reformer Interior Width: 26,96 In | 68,5 cm
  • Reformer Interior Length: 96,45 In | 245 cm
  • Height of the bed: 15,75 In | 40 cm
  • Weight: 187,393 Lb | 85 Kg
  • Box Size: 27,6x15,7x11,4 In | 70x40x29 cm
  • Tower height: 79,5 In | 202 cm
  • Foot Height: 13,8 In | 35 cm
  • Maximum slip of the mat: 37,8 In | 96 cm
  • Heel Table: 30,31x22,44 cm | 77x57 cm
  • Heel table with padding: 25,59x22,44 cm | 65x57 cm


The Pilates reformer is a piece of exercise equipment created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.

It was designed to support Pilates progression beyond mat work, heightening the strengthening, realignment stretching of the body.

An incredibly popular piece of exercise equipment, the Pilates reformer consists of a bed-like structure with a flat platform, fitted with pulleys, ropes, and a sliding carriage.

To use a Pilates reformer, you can both adapt Pilates mat exercises and engage in unique exercises specifically created for the reformer.

Pilates Reformer exercises take advantage of the unique features of the reformer. Often involving pushing, pulling, or holding the carriage steady through the use of limbs, pulleys, or ropes while holding a specific pose.

The Pilates reformer is extremely versatile and its exercises are typically low-impact, with most done lying, sitting, or standing. The best professional pilates reformer will offer additional features to further improve your exercise.

There is an incredible range of Pilates reformer exercises, both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Yes. The physical benefits of Pilates include an increase in muscle strength and tone, but without creating the bulk associated with conventional strength training.

After a sustained period of consistent exercise on a Pilates reformer, you can expect to see an increase in deep core muscle strength, which helps keep your abdominal muscles tight and toned.

Pilates is considered one of the major ‘head-to-toe’ exercises, meaning it promotes muscle growth throughout the entire body from your internal obliques to your gluteus maximus.

Yes. Combined with a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, exercises on the Pilates reformer can significantly contribute to a weight loss strategy through increasing your muscle tone and strengthening your body.

This not only helps you prepare for dynamic calorie-burning cardio workouts but also heightens your overall lean muscle tone so you will have a higher base metabolic rate.

Meaning, that even when stationary you will be burning significantly more calories thus creating the conditions to maximize weight loss.

Each piece of Pilates equipment presents its unique exercise opportunities and is best utilized through a Pilates workout that exploits its features.

Whilst other Pilates exercise machines exist, the three most popular and commercially sought are the reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda chair.

For the reformer, please refer to our answer on how to effectively use a Pilates reformer. The best professional Pilates reformers will be easy to use and accessible.

For the Cadillac, there are a lot of opportunities to develop upper body strength and core control through the use of the hanging trapeze and resistant pulleys.

For the Wunda chair, you want to embrace Pilates exercises focused on balance that take advantage of its chair-like structure and pedals.

There are a diversity of certified resources online which can help you get a sense of what piece of equipment will work best for you. We also recommend you visit YouTube, as it is full of fantastic demonstrations of Pilates exercises on a range of equipment.