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First Team Stellar Aqua 3 1/2' Poolside Volleyball Net System

First Team is proud to introduce the Stellar Aqua poolside aluminum volleyball net system!  For those looking for a competition level quality volleyball set for the swimming pool, First Team's Stellar Aqua is unmatched!

The Stellar Aqua is manufactured using 3 1/2" diameter aluminum posts and a powder coat finish.  The worm gear net tensioner is the same one used on First Team competition sets.  No more sagging, drooping volleyball nets, the Stellar Aqua will remain bowstring tight.  The Stellar Aqua-SP package includes First Team hinged ground sockets for easy installation and removal.  When the posts are removed, the hinged lid covers the sleeve and provides a nice finished look.  The net is manufactured from the same high quality materials First Team competition nets are made of.

Because each pool set up is different, please specify the desired net length when ordering, allow 3 weeks for custom net production.

When choosing a volleyball system for your pool, don't settle for less than the best, First Team's Stellar Aqua!


  • 3.5" aluminum posts and a powder coat finish
  • Wormgear net tensioning crank
  • Bottom rope tensioner and rope covers
  • Custom net lengths available - allow 3 weeks
  • Includes post sockets
  • Approx. shipping weight: 100lbs.
  • Lifetime limited warranty


All First Team products are warranted against manufacturers defects at delivery. Additionally, First Team warranties most products for a given period of time as stated in the literature. Below is and explanation of First Team's warranty levels.

Limited Warranty:
Covers any damage caused by normal basketball activity and normal player contact with the goal. "Normal basketball activity" and "Normal player contact" shall be described as any action that is necessary for participation in the game of basketball. Deliberate hanging on the rim, multiple player hanging, and vandalism are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Superior Warranty:
Covers any damage or failure caused by any type of basketball activity or related contact with the unit. This includes deliberate hanging on the rim. The Superior Warranty does not cover vandalism.

Unconditional Warranty:
Covers any damage or failure that occurs for any reason. Any product carrying an Unconditional Warranty is exempt from the above stated limitations.

Any normal wear and tear caused by weathering or UV exposure is not covered under any First Team warranty. All painted items carry a one year limited warranty on coating.

Some basketball products carry a warranty valid only when used in a residential setting. "Residential" is defined as a "single family dwelling." Products coverd by this warranty stipulation are indicated in First Team's product literature with a "R" symbol next to the warranty. Under no circumstances shall any basketball product carrying a strictly residential warranty be covered for non-residential use.

Due to the abusive nature of amusement facilities, unless specifically agreed to in writing, First Team products carry no warranty except for obvious manufacturing defects when used in an entertainment facility where players pay a fee to use the equipment.