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Harvia Legend 300 23.5kW Wood Burning Sauna Stove / Heater | WK300LD

Harvia Legend 300 23.5kW Wood Burning Sauna Stove | WK300LD

The Harvia Legend 300 offers a comfortably moist sauna bath for a smaller sauna. The wood-burning heater is a treat for the eye and for the sauna bather, the Harvia Legend 300 is equipped with a cast-iron glass door, allowing the warm glow of the fire to complement the sauna atmosphere. The adjustable legs make the wood-burning heater easy to place in the sauna.


  • For sauna rooms from 494-988 cu. ft.
  • Cleaner and efficient burning
  • 23.5 kW
  • 573 pound stone capacity
  • Free-standing with adjustable feet
  • Upper & Rear opening for chimney connection
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Finland
  • 2-year warranty (Consumer use)



Model WK300LD
Kilowatt Rating 23.5 KW
Primary Fuel Wood
Minimum Cubic Feet 494 CF
Maximum Cubic Feet 988 CF
Heater Weight 201 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 773 lbs
Width 23" (600mm)
Depth 25.98" (660mm)
Height 40.94" (1040mm)
Maximum Firewood Length 15" (39cm)
Diameter of Firewood 3-5.9" (8-15cm)
Flue Connection Location Back, Top
Minimum Room Height 69" (1750mm)



  • Sauna Stove
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 2 year warranty


  • 13 boxes of Harvia stones 573 lbs
  • Chimney Kits (everything you need to safely exhaust) 
  • Harvia Pipe Adaptor (4.5" Euro -> 6" USA) | WZ115155
  • Protective Bedding (to protect combustible floor material)
  • Protective Sheath Panel (reduces safety distance to combustible materials) -WL200
  • Smoke Pipe Guard (Reduces safety distance to the smoke pipe) -WL300
  • Chimney Kits (everything you need to safely exhaust) - WHP1500

 Minimum safety distances with various protection options in millimeters (divide by 25.4 to convert to inches):

Safety Distances