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HEALiX Glow Red Light Pod / Blanket

The HEALiX Glow is the ultimate wellness modality transformed in a more compact, convenient, portable, and affordable package. Improve cellular function, athletic performance, skin health and appearance plus fight chronic pain and inflammation all without having to pay thousands for red light bed that requires a huge amount of space in your home!


The Glow leverages 660nm Red Light Along with 850nm Near Infrared to provide some of the most beneficial wavelengths researched for therapeutic and performance benefits. Many feel an energized effect after just one single session. The Near infrared provides a gentle warming, creating a relaxing restoring experience.


Red Light is one of the fastest growing healing commodities on the market right now which not only boasts a ton of benefits, but also has nearly zero negative side effects for typical users. Hop in a HEALiX Glow today and rejoice in finding your newest and greatest wellness routine!