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HEALiX Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket / Bag For Home & Travel - Zero EMF

HEALiX Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket / Bag For Home & Travel

One of the best-selling sauna blankets - Zero EMF

Heal, recover & detox on a cellular level with an at home sauna.

  • DETOXIFY - Cleanse The Body Of Heavy Metals, Food Pesticides & BPAs
  • RELIEVE ACHES & PAINS - Increase Endorphin Levels, Reduce Inflammation & Relieve Chronic Pain
  • DEEPER, BETTER SLEEP - Perfect Your Circadian Cycle With Optimal Serotonin Levels In As Little As 1 Session
  • IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Increase Blood Flow To Enhance Your Immune And Organ Function
  • SPEED UP MUSCLE RECOVERY - Cut Out Cortisol, Drain Lactic Acid Faster & Boost ATP Production
  • DEEPER SWEAT - Infrared Produces A Deeper Sweat, And No One Offers A Higher Temperature Setting Than The HEALiX
HEALiX Infrared Sauna Blanket

Unlock A New You

First 15 Minutes - You Will Feel Slight Warmth, Relaxing, Soothing. Stress Stops As You Easily Slide Into Meditation.

At 30 Minutes - Here Comes The Sweat. Your Core Temperature Begins To Rise. Your Heart Rate Increases. Calories Start To Burn At A Faster Rate And You're Making Positive Physical Changes.

45 Minutes - You Brain Begins To Respond To The Infrared. Serotonin, Dopamine & Endorphins Rise. You Just Promoted An Elevated Mood And Happiness. Find Relief You Just Improved Healthy Brain Function.

60 Minutes - Infrared Exposure Triggers Heat Shock Protein Creation. Repairing Your Body At A Cellular Level And Improving Your General Health. You're Literally Rewinding Damage Done In The Past.


Only HEALiX Offers:

  • Zero EMF Exposure - Say Good Bye To The Bad Part Of Infrared And Only Get Benefits
  • Perfect Efficiency - Wave Length Tuned At 4 - 15 Micrometers For Maximum Effectiveness

Improve Exercise Results And Recovery

  • Boost Cell Energy - Increase ATP Production And Give Your Muscles More Energy
  • Burn Extra Calories - Continue Burning Calories During Your Post Workout Sauna Relaxation
  • Optimize Hormones - Improve Your Testosterone To Cortisol Ratio And Get Back To Training Faster
  • Absorb Nutrients Faster - Increase Blood Flow And Deliver Muscle Building Nutrients Quicker