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HUUM HIVE WOOD Wood-burning Sauna Stove / Heater 13kW/17 kW

HUUM Hive Wood Sauna Stove 13/17 kW

HIVE WOOD wood-burning sauna stove is a modern take on traditional sauna building. With its elegant round design, it’s both powerful and durable. The furnace is well-constructed to ensure an efficient burning and forceful flame. The flame tamer inside the stove is made of 5 mm stainless steel and can withstand the highest temperatures. Additionally, a heat exchanger can be mounted below the sauna stones to heat water while the wood is burning. The LS model of the HIVE Wood burning stove even allows heating the sauna from an adjacent room. 

HUUM Hive Wood Sauna Stove


  • For sauna rooms from 212-565 cu. ft. 
  • Stainless steel frame with cast iron furnace door
  • Unique structure for efficient & clean burning
  • Large stone capacity 
  • Floor Installation
  • Treated only with natural oils
  • 17 LS has a Firebox extension to allow heating from another room
  • Designed and precision-crafted in Estonia
  • Complies with BimSchV II
  • Limited 5-year warranty 



Hive Wood 13:
  • Sauna room size:212-459 cu. ft. 
  • Stone capacity: 199 lbs (90 kg)
  • Equivalent Watts: 13 kW 
  • Weight:104 lbs (13)
  • Dimensions:  29.6" H x 17.7" W x 18.1" D 
  • Firewood max length: 12"
  • Flue (⌀):4.5" (115 mm)

Hive Wood 17:

  • Sauna room size: 283-565 cu. ft. 
  • Stone capacity:287 lbs (130 kg)
  • Equivalent Watts: 17 kW
  • Weight: 143 lbs 
  • Dimensions:  29.6" H x 21.9" W x 23.2" D 
  • Firewood max length: 16"
  • Flue (⌀):4.5" (115 mm)

Hive Wood 17 LS:

  • Sauna room size: 283-565 cu. ft. 
  • Stone capacity: 287 lbs (130 kg)
  • Equivalent Watts: 17 kW
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Dimensions:  29.6" H x 21.9" W x 29.1" D 
  • Firewood max length: 16"
  • Flue (⌀):4.5" (115 mm)


Optional accessories sold separately:

  • 6 boxes of HUUM sauna stones (13 model)
  • 9 boxes of HUUM sauna stones (17/17LS model)
  • Chimney Kit (thru-ceiling, thru-wall, or thru-barrel roof)
  • Protective Bed (protects combustible floor material) (Not for LS model)
  • Reflector Panel (to allow heater to be installed closer to wall)
  • Stone Cage (holds additional 88 lbs of stones around flue)
  • Water/Heat exchanger (to heat water)




What is unique about the HUUM sauna heater?

The sleek and rounded shape of HUUM sauna heaters makes them some of the most stunning sauna heaters on the market. They provide gentle and long-lasting steam akin to traditional saunas due to their unusually high stone capacity. Because there isn't much metal in the heaters, the heat comes from the stones rather than the heated metal. Because of this, the air is filled with more negative ions, which are believed to be helpful to one's health. 

How do I choose a heater with the right output?

The output of the sauna heater should be determined by the size and insulation of the sauna room.
To heat 1 m³ of the sauna room, you'll require 1 kW of power on average.
If the heater is too tiny, the sauna will heat up too slowly, not enough steam will be produced, and it will burn out more quickly. If a heater has a thermostat and is used correctly, a heater that is somewhat too strong will not cause problems.

The sauna room's insulation is the second key factor to consider. If the sauna room has any uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or logs walls, the sauna room size should be increased by 1.5 m³ for each m2 of uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or wood wall.

To determine the volume of your sauna room, utilize our sauna calculator. Multiply the height by the breadth and the length in meters to get a rough estimate. Then add the sum of uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or wood surfaces (m2) to the preceding result by multiplying it by 1.5. Because of this, you will be able to calculate the size of your sauna room in m³, from which you may choose the appropriate heater output. We recommend choosing the larger output value if the result lies between two alternative output values.

How long does it take to heat the sauna?

If the heater is large enough, it will heat up roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit every 8 minutes.

What kind of stones can be used with HUUM heaters?

We recommend utilizing sauna stove stones that are rounded and natural. We have light grey, rounded olivine diabase stones with a high heat capacity in our inventory. Because decorative stones are readily broken, they should not be used in the heater.

What material are HUUM heaters made of?

Stainless steel is used to make HUUM heaters. 

Where are the heaters produced?

All HUUM products are made in Estonia.

How long is the warranty?

There is a 5-year warranty on all HUUM sauna heaters.