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Medical Breakthrough Saunas - Medical 6 Plus Version 2.0 Full Spectrum 4 Person Indoor Infrared Sauna


Model: Medical 3™ Medical 4™ Medical 5™ Medical 6 Plus™
Capacity 1 person 2 people 3 people 4-6 people
Heaters 6 6 9 12
Hot/Cold Cleansing System™ X X X X
Detox Routine™ X X X X
Insulated Airflow System™ X X X X
3D Heat Therapy™ X X X X
Safe Cool Down System™ X X X X
Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™ X X X X
Natural Hemlock Wooden Construction X X X X
Simple Touch LED Control Panel™ X X X X
Clasp-together Assembly X X X X
Roof Vent X X X X
Tempered Glass Door X X X X
Speaker System with MP3 Connection X X X X
Rapid Internal Heating System™ X X X
Energy Efficient Heating System™ X X X
Bluetooth Functionality X X X
Mood Lighting™ X X X
Chromatic Therapy System™
Omni-Directional Heating™
Deep Bench Seating for Extra Comfort X X
Interior Reading Light System™ X X
Silent Heating System™ X X
Audio Theater System™ X
Extra-Energy Efficient: 15% Thicker Glass & Wood Panels X
Executive Corner Unit Design X
Extra-Insulated Airflow System™ X
Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™ X
Interior Dimensions (WDH): 36″ x 32″ x 66.5″ (WDH): 44″ x 38″ x 69″ (WDH): 57″ x 37″ x 69″ (WDH): 62″ x 62″ x 69″
Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 39″ x 36″ x 73" (WDH): 48″ x 42″ x 77″ (WDH): 63″ x 42″ x 77″ (WDH): 66″ x 66″ x 77″
Operating Voltage 120V/15amp 120V/15amp 120V/20amp 120V/20amp
Watts 1450W 1700W 2200W 2250W
Plug Type NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-20 NEMA 5-20
Weight 295 lbs. 385 lbs. 455 lbs. 625 lbs.

Durable Hemlock Construction
  • Use of natural hemlock for medicinal and structural qualities
  • Hemlock hardens with age, making the sauna more durable
  • Hemlock known for astringent properties, cleaning and refreshing skin
  • Enhance detoxification benefits of Medical Sauna™
  • Natural hemlock provides powerful wood aroma, leaving skin tightened and refreshed






Rapid Internal Heating System™
  • Medical Saunas™ have a Rapid Internal Heating System™, unique in the market.
  • Average saunas take 90 minutes to 2 hours to pre-heat.
  • Medical Saunas™ can be fully heated in as little as 40 minutes.
  • Outperforms competitors in heating speed.
  • Allows for immediate use when needed.

Hot/Cold Cleansing System™
  • Slow heating systems in other saunas make hot/cold therapy difficult to achieve.
  • Hot/Cold therapy has many health benefits such as relaxing muscles and improving flexibility.
  • Medical Sauna™ designed to capitalize on hot/cold therapy with powerful and efficient heating technology.
  • Rapid Internal Heating System™ is the most effective system for hot/cold therapy.
  • Allows for reaping the benefits and improving health.

The Detox Routine™
  • Most saunas do not remove all harmful toxins from the body.
  • Medical Sauna™ can remove bad toxins and impurities from the body.
  • Toxins found in everyday substances like BPA, toxic heavy metals, phthalates, and nicotine.
  • Medical Saunas™ are industry leaders in removing toxins.
  • The Detox Routine™ involves regular use of Medical Sauna™ to enlarge pores and flush out toxins.
  • Leaves you feeling energized and purified.


Insulated Airflow System™
  • Poorly designed saunas have resulted in temperature fluctuations and less healing.
  • Insulation of sauna is just as important as heating system for maintaining constant temperature.
  • Medical Sauna™ has a design that works with heating system to maintain constant temperature.
  • Allows for keeping sauna at the right temperature with less effort.
  • Maximizes health benefits from using Medical Sauna™.
3D Heat Therapy™
  • Medical Sauna™ is the first and only sauna with 3D Heat Therapy™.
  • Heat therapy improves sore muscles, increases range of motion, decreases muscle spasms, and reduces pain.
  • 3D Heat Therapy™ penetrates deep into body's tissue and cells for therapeutic benefits all over the body.
  • Rejuvenates body from the inside out.
  • World's First Red Light Heaters in Medical Sauna Version 2
    • Quick heating regardless of room temperature, no need to turn up the heater
    • Can be placed in a cold basement or non-heated room and still get hot
    • Back rests included for comfort in intense heat
  • Red light therapy added for healing and improvement
    • Near-infrared treatments for skin reparation, boosting immunity, and healthy cell function
    • Middle-infrared treatments for circulation, pain management, and muscle relief
    • Far-infrared treatments for effective body detoxification and increased core temperature.


You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order. If you cancel before the product is shipped, you will only be charged a 3.89% credit card transaction fee because that is what the credit card company charges us. If you cancel after the 24 hour period, then your sauna has already been shipped and you will be charged the cost of the outbound and returned shipping costs, regardless of what promotion was offered when you purchased the sauna.

There are no refunds for custom saunas because everything has to be special order. Custom saunas cannot be cancelled after the 24 hour period because we already ordered testing dates and supplies to make your custom sauna so it gets delivered in a timely manner and heats up properly.


If you are unhappy with your Sauna for whatever reason, please call us to request a return merchandise authorization number. You can return the sauna within 7 days of receiving it. Please remember that all items for return should be in their original condition and packaging.Because a sauna which is opened and even installed is no longer new, we cannot resell it; for this reason, only unopened packages will be accepted for returns. Prior written return authorization is required. Any returned sauna must be in its original cartons and packaging at the time of the return request. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep the sauna in its original cartons and packaging if return is requested. The sauna must also be secured on the same crate prior to the freight company picking it up. Customers are responsible for return freight shipping, as well as a 25% restocking fee. If you cancel after the product has been shipped and in transit you will be charged the actual cost of the outbound and returned shipping costs, regardless of what promotion was offered when you purchased the sauna. If you cancel before the product is shipped you will be charged a 3% credit card transaction fee.

After we receive the sauna for inspection, we will issue a refund of the sauna. Please note that to be eligible for return, items must be in resalable condition, including all product documentation, and shipped within 30 days RMA was issued.

The seven day return does not apply to custom saunas. Custom saunas are non-refundable. However, if there is any aspect of the sauna that came damaged or broken, we will rebuild the parts and ship it to you at our cost. We guarantee our work or we will make it again to your satisfaction.


All of our saunas come with a 3 year warranty included FREE.