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Mr. Steam Butler Steam Shower Generator Package with iTempoPlus Control

Mr. Steam Butler Steam Shower Generator Package with iTempoPlus Control

Elevate your home spa experience with the Mr. Steam Butler® Package, a comprehensive solution for creating a luxurious steam shower system right in your home.

This all-encompassing package features the iTempoPlus® Control, a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-read LED display that allows you to precisely adjust temperature and steam shower duration. The flush-mounted design of the control adds a sleek, modern touch to your shower space.

The Butler® Package thoughtfully combines the iTempoPlus® Control, available in both round and square designs, with a matching Aroma Designer SteamHead, enhancing your steam bath with soothing scents. An AutoFlush® System and Condensation Pan are also included, ensuring your system remains clean and efficient.

With the integrated SteamLinx Mobile App, control your steam shower wirelessly, bringing convenience and advanced technology together. This package also includes a robust Steam Generator, completing your setup for an indulgent steam bathing experience.

Choose the Mr. Steam Butler® Package for a seamless blend of relaxation, functionality, and sophistication, transforming your daily shower routine into an oasis of tranquility.

Available Voltage & Phase Rating: 240V/ 1PH





  • Efficient Safety Cutoff: 60-minute automatic shutdown feature for safety and energy conservation.
  • Water and Energy Saver: Consumes under two gallons of water, significantly less than a standard 40-gallon bath.
  • Spa Therapy Compatibility: Ready for installation of AromaTherapy, ChromaTherapy®, and Steamlinx accessories.
  • Advanced Microprocessor System: The core intelligence of the steam generator for optimal performance.
  • Lifetime Quality Assurance: Mr. Steam’s commitment to replace or repair any defects in materials or craftsmanship.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Suitable for various spaces like cabinets, closets, under benches, or attics.
  • Diagnostic LED Indicators: Simplify troubleshooting for maintenance and connections.
  • Eco-friendly Stainless Steel: Corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable, ensuring durability and sustainability.
  • High-Performance Heating Element: Industrial-grade copper element for rapid heating and easy servicing.
  • Certified Quality and Safety: Compliance with US, Canadian UL, CE, and NoM standards.
  • Convenient Modular Connections: Plug and Play system for hassle-free setup.
  • Precise Water-Level Control: Electronic system for maintaining optimal water levels.
  • Efficient Drain Valve: Full-port design for effective drainage and maintenance.


Package Includes

  • Generator (15kW/ 12kW/ 10kW/ 9kW/ 7.5kW/ 6kW/ 5kW)
  • iTempoPlus Control
  • AutoFlush System
  • Condensation Pan
  • SteamLinx Secondary Control Module
  • Aroma Designer SteamHead



Choose the correct generator size for your bathing space

Model Max. Room Size kW Rating
MS 90E Upto 71 Cu. Ft 5
MS 150E 72-107 Cu. Ft. 6
MS 225E 108-161 Cu. Ft. 7.5
MS 400E 162-257 Cu. Ft. 9
MS SUPER1E 258-339 Cu. Ft. 10
MS SUPER2E 340-411 Cu. Ft. 12
MS SUPER3E 412-482 Cu. Ft. 15