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Mr. Steam iSteamX Steam Shower Generator Package with iSteamX Control

Mr. Steam iSteamX Steam Shower Generator Package with iSteamX Control

Elevate your home spa experience with the Mr. Steam iSteamX® Package, a comprehensive solution for creating a fully functional steam shower in the comfort of your home.

This package offers exceptional value, featuring the sophisticated iSteamX® Control. Its 7" touch-screen display is both elegant and user-friendly, offering an LED display for clear readability, precise temperature adjustments, and customizable steam shower durations.

The iSteamX® Control is the heart of this package, allowing you to effortlessly manage the AromaSteam, Audio@Home, and ChromaSteamX Systems, tailored to up to eight personal user settings. Plus, the package includes the revolutionary SteamLinx Mobile App, enabling convenient wireless control from your smartphone.

Accompanying the iSteamX® Control is a matching Aroma Glass SteamHead and the efficient AutoFlush® System, ensuring a seamless and luxurious steam shower experience. Together with a high-quality Steam Generator, this all-in-one package is your gateway to daily relaxation and wellness, transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Available Voltage & Phase Rating: 240V/ 1PH





  1. Efficient Operation: Includes a 60-minute automatic cutoff and low voltage board for safe and easy service access.
  2. Eco-Friendly Design: Utilizes less than two gallons of water, significantly less than a standard 40-gallon bath.
  3. Accessory Compatibility: Easily integrates with spa therapy accessories like AromaTherapy and ChromaTherapy®.
  4. Intelligent Control System: Powered by an exclusive microprocessor operating system for smart functionality.
  5. Lifetime Quality Assurance: Guaranteed free from material and craftsmanship defects, with a repair or replace warranty.
  6. Flexible Installation: Suitable for various spaces including cabinets, closets, or insulated attics.
  7. Diagnostic LED Indicators: Simplifies troubleshooting for any connection or maintenance issues.
  8. Sustainable Materials: Constructed with 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  9. High-Performance Heating: Features the industry's largest industrial-grade copper heating element for rapid heating.
  10. Certified Safety and Quality: Complies with US and Canadian UL, CE, and NoM standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety


Package Includes

  • Steam Bath Generator (5kW/ 6kW/ 7.5kW/ 9kW/ 10kW/ /12kW/ 15kW)
  • iSteamX Steam Shower Control.
  • AromaGlass SteamHead.
  • AutoFlush System.
  • SteamLinx Secondary Control.
  • Installation and operation manual.
  • Limited warranty.



Choose the correct generator size for your bathing space

Model Max. Room Size kW Rating
MS 90E Upto 71 Cu. Ft 5
MS 150E 72-107 Cu. Ft. 6
MS 225E 108-161 Cu. Ft. 7.5
MS 400E 162-257 Cu. Ft. 9
MS SUPER1E 258-339 Cu. Ft. 10
MS SUPER2E 340-411 Cu. Ft. 12
MS SUPER3E 412-482 Cu. Ft. 15