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MSPA FRAME TRIBECA 2-6 Person Spa Outdoor / Backyard Luxury Hot Tub Spa

MSpa Frame TRIBECA 2-6 Person Spa Bubble & Jet Spa F-TR063W by MSpa


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the TRIBECA 6 Person Spa by MSpa. This exquisite hot tub combines luxurious design with cutting-edge MSpa technology to bring the spa experience to your home. Discover a sanctuary of well-being right in your backyard with the TRIBECA spa, offering a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

Tribeca is a new addition to MSpas’s Frame series lineup, featuring an elegant, dark walnut like finish. This beautiful spa has all the rigidity of a traditional spa without sacrificing on portability. Tribeca is a square spa that measures 5’10.9″ x 5’10.9″ x 26″ and seats 6 adults. It comes equipped with 140 air jets to Surround you with 360 degrees of variable bubbles that create an immersive relaxation session. The included headrests and seat cushions provide ultimate comfort.

The Tribeca also features a whisper-quiet design thanks to the silent motor. For added convenience, the heating timer function allows you to enjoy your spa at the perfect temperature at any time. 

Enjoy Effortless Control with the MSPA App

Take full command of your spa experience with the innovative MSPA App, putting convenience at your fingertips. Say goodbye to inconvenient manual adjustments and hello to intuitive control with real-time notifications and alerts, ensuring you're always in the loop even while relaxing.


Seamless Control with TRIBECA Touch Screen

Experience unparalleled convenience with the TRIBECA's foldable OLED touch screen, centralizing all spa controls for effortless management. Revel in easy access to all spa features right from the comfort of your spa, creating a luxurious and user-friendly spa experience.


Immersive All-Around Bubble Massage

  • Experience a 360-degree bubble massage with the Air Jets Massage System
  • Enjoy variable-speed bubble control for personalized comfort
  • Invite friends and family to indulge in the spa experience together


Exceptional Ozone Purification

Benefit from the ozone-generating technology that ensures pristine water quality by eliminating harmful contaminants efficiently. With the O3 Ozon Generator, enjoy a spa environment that is hygienic and free from harmful microbes, setting new standards for cleanliness and purity.


Revolutionary UVC Sanitization

Experience advanced sanitization with the built-in UVC sanitizer, eradicating up to 60 disease-causing microorganisms, ensuring a safe and healthy spa environment through the power of light technology.


Intelligent Anti-Icing System

Protect your spa components with the automatic anti-icing system that prevents freezing, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. By proactively maintaining water temperature, this feature safeguards your spa system from potential damage, providing peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance.


Convenient Smart Filtration

  • Ensure excellent water quality with the smart filtration system
  • Receive timely reminders for filter maintenance
  • Simplify maintenance tasks for consistent clean water





Model / SKU


MSpa Series

Frame Series

Seating Capacity

6 Person

Hot Tub Dimensions

5'10.9" x 5'10.9" x 26″

Water Capacity

304 gallons / 1150 liters

Weight (Dry)

227.1 lbs

Weight (Filled)

2,762 lbs


Air Bubbling System: 140 Jets

Heating Increase Rate

1.2-2.2° F/h

Max. Water Temperature


Electrical Requirements

AC 110-120V/60Hz

Heater Output


Massage Air Blower

700W – 3 levels (300W, 450W, 700W)

Filter Pump

Circulated Water Flow: 545 Gallons (1800 L) per hour

Ozone Generator


Ozone Output

30 – 50 mg/hour


ETL approved


User Manual

User Manual Click Here

 What's In the Boxes:

  • New Tribeca Spa Frame & Liner
  • All-in-one Control Box
  • Inflatable Bladder
  • Buckle Spa Cover
  • Foldable Ground Mat
  • Filter Cartridge x 2
  • Filter Cartridge Base
  • Jet Control Box
  • 4 Headrest
  • User Manual
  • Repair Kit
  • Water / Air Channel Stoppers
  • Chemical Dispenser
  • Inflation Hose and Adaptor For Bladder
  • L Wrench
  • Warning Label

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