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Airpura P600 TitanClean Air Purifier for Pathogens, Mold & Chemicals

Airpura P600 Comprehensive Air Filtration System with PCO Technology

The Airpura P600 Air Purifier features comprehensive filtration to guarantee the removal of airborne particles, dangerous chemicals, unwanted odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microorganisms. This air filtration system combines the efficacy of a True HEPA filter, activated carbon, UV germicidal lamp, and Airpura’s patented TitanClean Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology to deliver the healthiest breathable air. To further improve the abatement of contaminants, we recommend the Airpura P600+ with a titanium dioxide-coated HEPA filter.

The ultimate solution to indoor air pollution, the Airpura P600 is designed for maximum air purification making it ideal for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and those with suppressed immune systems. Aesthetically pleasing and compact, this HEPA filter air purifier is 23” high and 15” wide and has a perforated all-metal housing that draws and circulates air on all sides of the unit. The P600+ also comes in three sleek powder-coated finish adding to the home air purifier’s minimalist charm.

Airpura P600 TitanClean Air Purifier for Pathogens, Mold & Chemicals

Exclusive TitanClean PCO Technology

One of the most potent pathogen and chemical abatement air purifiers, the Airpura P600 operates up to 560 CFM and turns over the air in a room quickly to keep up with even the most polluted environments. It has a large purification coverage of up to 2,000 square feet and an adjustable fan speed motor that lets you choose the ideal level of filtration. Keeps air clean and fresh, this home air purifier comes with felt gaskets that help seal the filter chamber to ensure that no impurities are left behind. The Airpura P600 utilizes multiple stages of filtration to dramatically reduce air contaminants that trigger a wide range of respiratory problems like asthma attacks and allergies.

Airpura P600 TitanClean Air Purifier for Pathogens, Mold & Chemicals
  1. Poly Prefilter – Protects the main filters and traps large particles easily seen by the naked eye such as dust, hair, lint, and pet dander. It can be easily cleaned by vacuuming the outside of the air purifier. This filter should be changed once a year.
  2. 18 lbs. of Activated Carbon Filter – Two-inch carbon bed contains 100% coconut shell that effectively absorbs airborne chemicals, noxious gases, and strong unpleasant smells stemming from formaldehyde, radon, ammonia, mercury vapor, benzene, carbon monoxide, VOCs, and more. This premium activated carbon filter typically lasts up to 2 years.
  3. True HEPA Filter – Removes the tiniest microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency. The True HEPA filter stops particulate pollution from reaching the TitanClean reflector, keeping the coated surface cleaner and more effective. This filter can last up to 5 years. 
  4. TitanClean Reflector – Using photocatalytic oxidation to deliver the purest air quality, the reflective metal coated with titanium dioxide is positioned at a perfect distance from the UV lamp to neutralize pollutants and turn them into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules. The TitianClean reflector needs to be replaced every 18 to 24 months.
  5. 20W UV Germicidal Lamp – Provides the dose needed to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores by destroying the DNA of the microorganisms as they are trapped on the filters. The UV lamp can be switched on or off as desired and can operate up to 10,000 hours.
Airpura P600 TitanClean Air Purifier for Pathogens, Mold & Chemicals

Optional P614 Super HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Upgrade to the Airpura P614 Super HEPA filter air purifier which captures up to 99.99% of microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns. The Super HEPA is the superior version of the HEPA filter and is pleated with more media to take care of additional CFM drawn by the air purifier. The material is strong and has greater resilience and efficiency rating compared to the regular HEPA.

Best in Class Warranty

Perfect for homes, workplaces, and industrial use, the Airpura P600 is specially engineered to precision and allows no air to escape the latest nanotechnology filtration process. This Airpura air purifier offers a best in class warranty of 5 years on parts and 10 years on labor, maintaining the best indoor air quality for years to come.

Replacement Parts and Filters

  • Pre-Filter (2-Pack) ($ 39.98)
  • 100% Cotton Pre-Filter (2-Pack) ($ 54.98)
  • Regular 2” Carbon Filter ($ 219.98)
  • HEPA Filter Metal Endcap ($ 179.98)
  • Super HEPA Filter ($ 209.98)



Coverage Area
Up to 2,000 sq. ft. (based on 8 ft. ceilings)
Airflow Speed Up to 560 CFM
Air Exchange per Hour 2
Dimensions 23" H x 15" W
Housing Powder coat steel - Black, Cream, White
Weight 45 lbs
Noise Level 28.1 - 62.3 dB(A)
Pre Filter Vacuumable Poly 2PK
Replace: 1 year
Carbon Filter 18 lbs Activated Carbon (100% Coconut Shell)
Replace: 2 years
HEPA Filter

P600 True HEPA Filter (99.97% of airborne particles ≥ 0.3 microns)
P614 Super HEPA Filter (99.99% of airborne particles ≥ 0.1 microns)
Replace: 3 - 5 years

TitanClean Reflector Photocatalytic Oxidizer
Replace: 18 - 24 months
UV Technology

20-Watt Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp
Replace: 18 - 24 months
Runs up to 10,000 hours

Casters Yes
Voltage 120 V
40 - 120 W
Ozone Emissions No
Certifications ETL, CSA, UL, ANSI
Warranty 5-year on parts & 10-year on labor